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If you've ever purchased a course and not gotten anything out of it, then you'll want to pay very close attention to what I'm about to tell you...

I’m tired of the courses that give you a quick hit of dopamine, have about 3,000 total words in the whole thing, and space it out over about 50 different sections, making the outline look FULL of stuff it really isn’t.

It’s like buying a Ferrari with a Ford Focus engine under the hood, who the hell wants that?

I’ve spent hundreds of hours writing over the last 10 years.

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

  •  You spend around $300-$500 on an online course
  •  You take the course, go through all of the slides or videos, take notes, etc. 
  •  You feel great about it, you’re ready to go and implement
  •  You look back a few months later and think, “Oh yeah, I vaguely remember that course…
  •  You got nothing out of that course
  •  You get a new pitch from the same guy you bought the previous course from…
  •  Repeat process beginning at first bullet point
What happened?

You were sold, my friend. Much like how you get sold by a good salesman at a car lot. He is capitalizing on that small window when you are PRIMED to buy, whether you realize it or not…

Why stop your education at the end of the course? That’s my main question… We all want to continue improving, why does it have to end?

I’m the type of marketer that wants, and thrives off of, interaction from my subscribers, I don’t want them to buy a course I sell and then leave…

Maybe I’m greedy, who knows, but that’s the truth.

I want to know what happens once you use the ideas I share.

I want to hear about how you were able to buy your kid a car for her 16th birthday with the money you generated.

I want to hear how you took your wife to an expensive dinner you could NEVER have afforded before.

I want to hear how you finally made enough money online to quit your job you’ve HATED for years, leading to an entirely new person at home, saving your marriage in the long run.

It’s egotistical, sure, but that’s what drives me, helping someone just like you.

So, I decided to fix this problem with online courses.

I am opening up a monthly, private email newsletter.

Think of it as a group of students I’m taking under my wing for as long as we decide to ride this train. If this doesn’t sound like something you’ll open every month, don’t bother signing up.

If you want to keep learning,

I will keep pumping out the content.

That’s our agreement.

So, what’s the secret to making money online that we will discuss every month?

It’s learning to sell with words.

Just think of the literal superpower you’d have if you could sell any product by simply opening up your laptop and pecking away for an hour, or less, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

If you acquired this superpower, you could pitch any company on the planet and charge any amount you felt like.

You would literally be selling money at a discount, you could charge them $50,000 for a sales page that would make them 10x that cost.

What company wouldn’t take that deal?

That’s the superpower of learning how to effectively write copy.

Here’s the big difference between joining this private newsletter and taking another course…

Once you sign up with me, we will be growing together.

Those guys pitching your courses right now? They are selling you their CURRENT knowledge.

I am selling you the knowledge I gain, every single month, over and over and over and over and over, never stopping the snowball effect that happens as I learn more and more.

What I learn, you learn. The catch is, you don’t do any of the research, you just implement the ideas. You get the filtered version that you need, the nuts and bolts of the big idea

My goal is to create a group of copywriting superheroes, Copy Kings, that have their words in every corner of the world.

Is this something you can live up to?

This isn’t a casual reading experience, it is a monthly newsletter that you will be asked to implement. It will give you detailed, tactical action items, which you will then use to make money.

This is the stuff I won’t be telling anyone on my Twitter list.

This is the stuff people DM me about, wanting for free.

This is the stuff my email subscribers won’t get full access to, they’ll only get bits and pieces of it.

This is the stuff I won’t be giving to my buddies who ask me, “how do you make money online bro?”

This is the stuff I give to clients who are paying me thousands of dollars per month to write their copy for them.

You didn’t come here for that though, you want to learn how to do it yourself.

Maybe you’re a small business owner who can’t afford my services.

Maybe you’re an aspiring copywriter looking to create your own business.

Maybe you’re working for a company, doing the copywriting for them, looking to increase your skills.

You’ve come to the right spot.

What qualifies me to charge you $49 every single month?
  •   I’ve done the stuff most are too lazy to do. It’s that simple.
  •   I’ve awoke to my alarm clock at 4:45am for years, just so I can get a few extra hours headstart on my competition.
  •  I’ve blocked time off on my calendar just to practice copywriting.
  •  I’ve been up early on the weekends, writing, reading, learning, implementing, growing.

Now, I want you to get all of the information I get, for a FRACTION of the time I put into acquiring it.

You know how I mentioned the fact that you’ll be selling money at a discount?

You’ll be learning at a discount.

My personal clients pay 10x the price of this newsletter to have me write copy for them, you will pay $49 per month to get all of my knowledge.

I will be squeezing my brain for every drip of knowledge each month, putting that knowledge in an email, and delivering it directly to you.

If you think you’ve got experience writing copy, try writing for some of these niche markets I’ve written for:
  •   General aviation pilots
  •  General aviation parts
  •  Powerlifting
  •  Crossfit
  •  Functional movement
  •  Kettlebell workouts
  •  Weight loss
  •  Nutrition
  •  Pain relief
  •  Back pain
  •  Yoga
  •  Physical therapy
  •  Copywriting
  •  Digital marketing
  •  Sales
  •  Persuasion
  •  Psychology
  • …Shall I go on?
One thing I thought of when you talk about the problem with courses, a paid newsletter is way better on the whole dopamine thing. It keeps coming at me. And if I stop, I might happen to miss the best info ever in the next issue. So I can’t stop. F-ing genius idea :-)”

-Michael Helmke
Copy Kings Subscriber

It’s pretty crazy the amount of niche markets I’ve dipped my toes in… Hell, some of them I’ve done a full blown cannon ball (Ok, maybe belly flop) in.

Why does any of this matter to you?

All of this writing has one common theme, and that’s sales. 

In each and every niche on the list above, I was selling a product. Believe it or not, I wasn’t simply discussing my undying passion for helping menopausal women lose weight…

Lately, I’ve narrowed down my writing (outside of projects) to social media and daily emails, and I love it. I can honestly say I look forward to speaking with my niche, they are driven people who want to succeed and live life on their own terms.

Do you relate to this mentality as well?

Being that you landed on this page, I’m sure you can…

Sound like a plan?

Let’s get started, my friend…

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